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Andrew’s collection includes Asian objects d’art and collectibles from countries, mainly in the Far East, but also items from the Middle East and other parts of the world.  Many of the items are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found in any other collection, either held privately or being sold on the Internet.

The rarest and most distinctive pieces in the collection are depicted in the photographic section of the website.  In addition to these 27 select pieces, the collection also includes antique obis, jade carvings and pendants, ceramics, ivory and boxwood Netsuke, Japanese woodblock prints, textiles and carpets, cloisonné, silver baskets, coins, jewelry, ivory carvings, Chinese stone chops, brass ship lanterns, wood carvings, and many other collectibles and unusual pieces.  Photographs can be sent, upon request, for groups of items or individual pieces. If you have specific wants, please send an e-mail message to or call Andrew Guinosso on 775-560-1123.

All items can be shipped and insured based on value and size.  Typically, for large items such as furniture, packing, shipping, and insurance will be approximately five to ten percent of the value.  Smaller items will range from one to three percent

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Search Service

Andrew continues to maintain relationships with other antique collectors and specialist antique dealers in the Far East, Europe, and the Middle East.

If you have special wants or unique requirements, Andrew would be happy to locate and obtain items for even the most discriminating collector.

Andrew’s personal cell phone is 775-560-1123.  His personal email address is

Legacy Work of Art

A one-of-a-kind wood sculpture of a Chinese Mandarin.  This piece is a legacy work of art that is the centerpiece of my collection.  Signed by Elizabeth Tioshenko.  Purchased in 1969 in Carmel, California, before my tour of duty in Vietnam with the Seabees of MCB-10.  Serious buyers may send an e-mail message or call for a confidential price.

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