The Ancient Cartographer

The Collection of Charles Guinosso


Charles’s collection includes many rare maps, prints, and books from the 17th,18th, and 19th Centuries, including maps by such cartographers as John Speed, Willem Blaeu, Joan Blaeu, Abraham Ortelius, and Johann Baptist Homann; and prints  by John James Audubon and Basilius Besler and other collectible printmakers.  If you have specific wants, please send an e-mail message to or call Anisa Guinosso on 845-521-2770.

All the maps and prints in Charles’s collection have been chemically cleaned to remove foxing or water stains, and the paper has been de-acidified to ensure that the item is stable and presented in its best condition and form.

All maps and prints can be mailed in tubes and insured based on value.  Charles can also professionally frame the map or print and ship it in that format.  Prices for framing can be provided at the time of purchase.